AGRITECH an Expo by us!

As you sow so as you reap!  Sounds like a very timed out proverb, so as our involvement towards agriculture! Today we are so advanced that a kid can program a robot and a youth have no idea about agriculture. We often forget that our very own survival is dependent


Vanakam! Ulagam romba vegama poitu irukku, romba vegama!. Naama saapdara kaai, pazham, arisi,paruppu, idhalam ‘paaka’ clean ah irukka nu dhan yoosikkarom. Ulla epdi irukkum, satthu irukka?illaya?, idhalam paaka yaarukkum neram illa. Naama swasikkara kaathu, kudikkara thanni ellame nammala emathudhu. People should be aware of the decreasing oxygen levels in water and atmosphere. Idhukkalam naama enna… Continue reading WE!