Dr.Kalam on agriculture

Carrying your dreams as ours! In this day we assure to continue no matter what!

‘We have to transform India in five areas where India has core competence first being Agriculture’
‘Globally agriculture is the predominant industry than any other industry. Growth in agriculture production with value addition will not only increase the per capita income of the farmers, but also support increasing need of food and raw materials in the urban sector. Enhancing agriculture productivity is the key for agro-food processing and related industrial, manufacturing and service sector growth,’
‘Agriculture has a key role in reducing poverty since 3 billion people live in rural areas and are largely dependent on agriculture, while food process determine the cost-of-living for the urban poor.’
‘The country can prosper only when rural technology is advanced and batted for setting up of more agriculture-based technical institutes in these areas.’

We hope to continue our work and engage youth in agriculture some how! Thank you for all that inspiration sir.


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